First impressions count. And, right or wrong, profile pictures on social networks impact a person’s initial perception of you. That first glance gets you hired, sparks interest, and determines whether or not you will be taken seriously.  In this digital era, a good profile picture really counts.

This holds especially true on employment websites. Here at Home Care Assist  — the fastest growing network of caregivers – your profile acts as your personal resume. And, a good profile picture acts as your cover letter.

Tips for Including a Good Profile Picture:

Attire: Does your clothing match the image you are trying to portray? Someone in the fashion industry would want to show off their most stylish blouse. Here, in the homecare industry, casual clothing and clean scrubs are appropriate. Be sure to keep it professional.

Simplicity: Keep it simple. Smile and make eye contact with the camera. Angle your shoulders and turn towards the camera. (Try to avoid mirror selfies and photos that look like mug shots.)

Background: Try to keep the background as plain as possible. A blank wall or hung fabric will do the trick. You want potential employers to focus on you, not some busy wallpaper in the background.

You, and only you: No need for kids, family members, friends, or pets to be in the picture at all. It confuses the viewer and it no longer makes it about you.

Personality: Smile, look approachable, and polite. No one wants to connect with someone who looks like they have a bad attitude.

Although Lacy ranks highest in compatibility, she has no profile photo and may be looked over.
Although Lacy ranks highest in compatibility, she has no profile photo and may be looked over.

No Photo, No Job

When potential employers view your profile and they want to see YOU. An avatar, a stick figure, or a message that says “no photo available” all mean the same thing…. You are not serious…. And, you might not care. Taking the time and initiative to include a good profile picture indicates that you mean business.

We want you to put your best foot forward and increase your chances of being hired!  A good profile picture is a powerful branding tool. By including a GREAT profile picture, you are branding yourself in the best way possible.