Skilled Nursing Care Costs

Skilled nursing care is medical care provided by a licensed healthcare professional such as a registered nurse (RN). It is short-term to help an individual recover from an illness. Alternately, it is long-term for chronic medical conditions. Skilled nursing care is provided in an assisted living facility or within the home. What is the cost of skilled nursing care? Is the cost of skilled nursing care at home more or less expensive than at an assisted living facility?

The general rule is that 40 hours or less per week of paid in-home care is the less expensive option. However, there are factors that change this equation. These include:

  • the state of residence
  • whether the home is rented or owned
  • if the patient requires additional services (e.g. Alzheimer’s Care).


Estimating Skilled Nursing Care Costs at an Assisted Living Facility

Nationwide, the average monthly cost of assisted living is approximately $3,600. State by state averages range dramatically from as low as $2,500 to as much as $6,000. Southern states tend to be slightly less expensive than the national average. For example, the cost of in-home skilled care in both North Carolina and Florida averages $3,400 per month.  Genworth’s “Care Cost Calculator” is  leading resource tool for determining the cost of care within your state. Alzheimer’s and dementia care add an additional cost of approximately $1,150 additional per month.

There are tax credits and deductions that can be applied to offset some of the cost of assisted living. However, these same tax advantages can be applied to the cost of skilled nursing within the home. (For this reason, tax breaks do not make a substantial difference when comparing costs.)

How to Estimate Skilled Nursing Care Costs at Home

A simple method for determining the cost of skilled nursing care within the home is to estimate the number of hours per month that care is required. Then multiply that by the average cost of home care in your state. (The average hourly cost ranges from $13-30 per hour.)

Rising costs and an increasing options, make it difficult for families to determine the best form of skilled nursing care. The AARP calculator assists with that process. Options include expenses for care in a nursing home, assisted living facility or adult day care, and use of a home health aide or homemaker service.

Need Help With In-Home Skilled Nursing Care?

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