Tips for bringing a caregiver into your home

Hiring an in-home caregiver is a sensitive process that requires a good deal of thought. Home Care Assist can make the transition easier.  We understand that opening your home and entrusting your loved one to a caregiver is a big step. While it’s a relief to have some help, you probably feel anxious about how to begin. To help you exercise some control, Home Care Assist has created a checklist for bringing a caregiver into your home.

Our checklist breaks down into three easy-to-follow areas:

  1. Adapting the Home
  2. Developing a Care Plan
  3. Establishing Ground Rules

Making Adaptations for Bringing A Caregiver Into Your Home

Home care agencies perform an initial home visit to assess the environment and make recommendations. Use the Home Care Assist checklist to make adaptations just as the professionals would. Remove area rugs to help avoid falls, install safety devices to prevent accidents, and rearrange furniture to make a more comfortable living/working environment. A comprehensive home modification plan for how to completely safety-proof a home can be downloaded from the National Caregivers Library.

Developing a Home Care Plan for Your Loved One

Before bringing a caregiver into your home, take steps to ensure that you and your loved one’s needs are met. A home care plan can be a casual organizational tool, an informal agreement, or a more formal contract for services. Plans vary from daily to-do lists to detailed weekly accounts. To start, the home care plan should be a collaborative effort with initial input from the care recipient, their family, and their medical team. Once complete, share this plan with your caregiver to create a work schedule, specify duties, and determine where and how to document key information.

Establishing Ground Rules

Sometimes, things go unspoken. To avoid disappointment when bringing a caregiver into your home, let them know exactly what is acceptable and what is not. For example, if you prefer to have no smoking on the property (indoors or out), establish this rule up front. By filling in the pieces of the puzzle early on to save time and avoid stress later on.

Home Care Assist is Here to Help

While no one expects you to turn your home into an assisted living facility, we know from experience that it can be set up in a way that makes it easier for caregivers to care for your loved one. It’s our mission to help families find the most compatible in-home care. We hope that our resources, checklists, and tools continue to provide a knowledge base during all stages of your in-home care needs.

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