RAISE Family Caregivers Act

For the more than 40 million family caregivers in the United States, there is hope. Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Act provides that hope. This bipartisan bill’s intent is to support and sustain American caregivers. Backed by advocacy groups and individuals across the country,  RAISE passed congress earlier this month. On Monday, January 24, 2018 it was signed into law by the president. The law directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services, along with an advisory board, to develop a national strategy aimed at helping caregivers. Championed by our friends the AARP, the RAISE Family Caregivers Act is legislature that Home Care Assist stands behind.

What Will the RAISE Family Caregivers Act Do for My Family?

Rhonda Richards, senior legislator with the AARP, says some of the topics that the RAISE Family Caregivers Act will likely address to support caregivers, include:

  • Respite services and options.
  • Workplace flexibility, financial security, and workplace issues.
  • Information, education, and training support for navigating the healthcare system.
  • Assessment and service planning (including care transitions and coordination) involving recipients and family caregivers.
  • Broad consideration of person- and family-centered care in all health and long term service settings. The care recipient and the family caregiver are at the center of care teams.

“Family caregivers are the backbone of our care system in America. We need to make it easier for them to coordinate care for their loved ones, get information and resources, and take a break so they can rest and recharge,” said AARP Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer Nancy A. LeaMond.

In the full text of RAISE Family Caregivers Law, the term ‘‘family caregiver’’ is clearly defined as an adult caring for a family member with chronic or other health condition, disability, or functional limitation. These selfless caregivers are at the core of the national care system. The law’s goal is to provide relief from the tremendous burdens placed on caregivers. 

There is now a national agenda to support caregiver’s needs. This bipartisan legistlature is vital to the well-being of our aging families. Home Care Assist applauds the passage of the RAISE Family Caregivers Law and it’s intent to support caregivers.

How Home Care Assist Helps Family Caregivers

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