healing ties

CEO and co-founder of Home Care Assist, Brian Vanhook, sat down with Chris MacLellan of The Whole Care Network to discuss their roles in revolutionizing the home health industry. On The Healing Ties podcast, both men share what a growing number of Americans share — a personal story of caring for someone they love. Both Brian and Chris are working hard to educate, empower, and advocate for family caregivers.

After caring for loved ones themselves, Brian and Chris learned in retrospect, that the options for finding in-home care was extremely limited. A brick-and-mortar home care agency is not right for everyone. It’s expensive, plus control of the situation is primarily in the agency’s hands. Alternatively, finding care on one’s own has a lot of unknowns. Brian’s intent with Home Care Assist is to provide an affordable alternative that offers guidance (background screenings and verifications), while letting the family remain in control of their care. “Usually, needing a caregiver is unexpected and the family needs care at a moment’s notice. Home Care Assist helps families make important decisions amidst all the chaos.”

Healing Ties

In Chris’ situation of caring for his ailing partner, he saw first hand, the value of hiring a caregiver who shared common interests. Brian explains that this is the reason for developing the compatibility algorithm used to match careseekers to caregivers with similar personalities. The more connection there is between the two parties, the more secure the home care relationship. It’s these Healing Ties that is Home Care Assist’s mission to facilitate.

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