Caring for a loved one - medication calendar

There’s one thing that most in-home caregivers will agree: it’s critical to have a medication calendar. When caring for an aging loved one, you may not realize or appreciate how much planning and strategy goes into providing the best care. Appropriately managing medical conditions requires a close understanding of the frequency of medication doses and treatments. Not to mention medical appointments and the close monitoring/recording of new and worsening symptoms. All of this can be accomplished with a medication calendar.

Things to include in a medication calendar:

  • Medications, dosages, and time taken
  • Medical appointments
  • New symptoms that appear
  • Symptoms that seem to have worsened
  • Questions that you may have for the doctor
  • Specific instructions for anyone else who may be providing care
  • Grocery and supply lists
  • Important events or obligations outside of your care arrangement

Staying organized with a medication calendar.

The specific items that you choose to include on your in-home medication calendar are ultimately up to you. What matters is that you remain organized and properly scheduled to continue providing the best, most attentive care possible. Medications and treatments require a very specific schedule. Having this noted on a highly visible calendar makes it easier for you to remember. Plus, it provides visual reminders to your aging loved one.

Noting a new behavior or symptom on a calendar can also help you to identify patterns that you may otherwise have ignored. These patterns can be indicative of a worsening or new condition that will need to be brought to the attention of your loved one’s doctor.

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