Meeting loved ones’ needs

Home Care Assist was developed after years of working in the home care industry. Brian and Blair VanHook first opened Perpetual Home Care — a North Carolina-licensed home care agency – with the desire of raising home care standards. They noticed early on that not every family needed the assistance of a home care agency. (Not to mention the affordability issue.) However, on their own, families looking for a private-duty caregiver found themselves mired down with uncertainty.

Brian and Blair began soon realized that there needed to be a better way for families to find and hire private-duty caregivers. Home Care Assist’s user-friendly site helps individuals find compatible care without all the guesswork. Careseekers are matched with caregivers based on skill, availability, location, and personal interests. Plus, all caregivers in the Home Care Assist network have passed nationwide background screenings. 

Focus on compatible in-home care

Once users sign up and complete a profile, we get to work! Careseekers gain access to a curated list of caregivers ranked by percent compatibility. Caregivers within our network are connected with families who not only match their skills, but share similar interests.

At Home Care Assist, we have developed the tools for finding a caregiver with the right skill set and experience for your needs. We know from experience that having a caregiver come into your home is both personal and challenging. And we know that shared interests and compatibility make the situation easier. We continue to strive to ensure you have the best information to make the most appropriate decisions about your care.