A true Raleigh, NC native, Blair VanHook has lived in the area for her entire life except for a 6-month stint in Australia during high school. Her professional career began in banking where she held several leadership roles in management, marketing, and customer service. Banking led Blair to Brian. Her passion for family and her compassion for others led to their marriage. She plays a key supportive role in all of Brian’s many business endeavors.

After completing her Master’s in Business Administration from Meredith College, Blair assists with business management and human resources at Perpetual Home Care. As co-owner and co-founder of Home Care Assist, Blair is responsible for marketing strategy and lends a discerning ear to all business proceedings.

As manager of their home, Blair enjoys quality time with Brian and their children — two daughters and a son — plus their fur babies… a dog, a cat, two Guinea pigs, and a young rabbit named Freckles. Blair graduated from NC State University and received a Master’s in Business from Meredith College.