You have the skills careseekers need. Let's make a match!

Ready to take control of your career? We’re not a home care agency. We are the future of in-home care. Join our network and we’ll match you with care seekers in your area. You set your rate, respond to care seekers and get hired.

We get it.

High-quality home care is more than just a profession – it is a calling for those who truly care about helping others. Here’s how we help you pursue your passion.

Let your profile do the work.

Filling out a profile is quick and easy, and helps us find the perfect careseeker match for you. Let us know your specialties, and we’ll find a careseeker in need of them.

We’ll help you serve others.

Careseekers looking for excellent home care value your skillset. With Home Care Assist, you can pursue your passion through our matching system that puts your knowledge and experience to work.

Don’t stress!

Home Care Assist’s process is quick and easy, and helps match you with a careseeker that perfectly fits your skillset. Our proprietary system takes the stress out of finding a match by using robust algorithms to put you in front of the right careseekers at the right time.

How does Home Care Assist work?

We go through a process that uses a specialized algorithm to analyze your information and information from careseekers to create a match that we hope will turn into a meaningful, long-lasting relationship.

Create your profile.

Simply fill out a profile with information about yourself and your experience.

You're matched.

Caregivers and careseekers are matched based on their compatibility across a variety of fields.

You get the calls!

Careseekers come to you! We give each of our careseekers the ability to select a caregiver like you who has the experience and skillset they need.

How do I get started?

You’re just a few clicks away from connecting with us to find the perfect careseeker match!


Create a profile.

Creating a profile is simple! It takes just a few minutes and a little bit of information.


Get a background check.

Next, we’ll complete a background check in seven to ten business days. You can log into your Home Care Assist account to check your report’s progress, and will receive an email when it is finished.


Get matches.

When you have passed your background check, you are ready to be matched with a careseeker. Careseekers will view your profile and will choose you based on your skillset and expertise.