Home Care Assist has two account options — a FREE 7-day trial and a 30-day renewable subscription.  Our subscriptions, however, do not incur fees in perpituity. At Home Care Assist, our relationship with our members is of utmost importance. For these reasons we implemented our safe, renewal system — SafeRenew™.

How Does SafeRenew™ Work?

Home Care Assist subscriptions with SafeRenew™ offer the convenience of monthly renewal, without the worry of unnecessary, extended payments. If a member has not logged into the site during the current 30-day subscription period, the subscription will not renew. If a member logs in at all, the subscription renews. However, at any time, a member can turn off the renewal in their billing panel.

Cancelling or suspending one’s subscription is not a worry (especially during what may be a difficult time… or anytime). No logins within one billing cycle, and the automatic drafts cease and the subscription is deactivated. Or, if desired, subscriptions may be easily reactivated through your account dashboard. Once reactivated, members will be able to access their previous data, messages, connections, and account information.

Home Care Assist’s first priority is serving our members. We know you have a lot on your mind when providing care for a loved one. With SafeRenew™, you have peace of mind. Our members know their automatic drafts will cease once inactivity is detected. They have the time to focus on what is important.