Tammy Stambaugh began her career as a business analyst in Northern Virginia. Tammy’s interest in caring for others began after her two children were born. In 2006, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant and found that caring for those in need was a very fulfilling and rewarding career. Having had the opportunity to work in multiple home care settings throughout the Triangle, Tammy came to work for Perpetual Home Health in 2012.

She worked as a private-duty caregiver with Perpetual until 2014 when her management skills and foresight earned her an office position as Administrative Manager. She continues to work closely with Brian on the day-to-day obligations of running a home care agency.

Through her experience and insider knowledge, she too, saw the benefits a service like Home Care Assist would offer. Now, as co-owner, Tammy is responsible for quality control and customer support. Her overarching goal to care for those in need drives her incredible work ethic and stamina.

Now empty-nesters, Tammy and her husband enjoy weekend visits from their mostly-grown, professional son and UNCW, undergraduate daughter. Tammy holds a degree in Decision Science and Information Systems from George Mason University.